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by Mojo Holler

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Bullet 03:11
Bullet, bullet fly tonight bring me to my knee Sister, sister down the hall cryin’ mama, please Brother, brother grab the gun (grab it all) can’t see the forest for the trees Running, running from the law (from it all) lock me, lock away the key
Rocky Top 03:04
Wish that I was on ole Rocky Top down in the Tennessee hills Ain’t no smoggy smoke on ole Rocky Top, ain’t no telephone bills Once I had a man on Rocky Top: half bear, the other half cat Wild as a mink but sweet as a soda pop, I still think about that Rocky Top, you’ll always be home sweet home to me Good ole Rocky Top Rocky Top Tennessee Once two strangers climbed ole Rocky Top looking for a moonshine still Strangers ain’t come down from ole Rocky Top, reckon they never will And the corn won’t grow at all on Rocky Top, the ground’s too rocky by far That’s why all the folks on Rocky Top get their corn from a jar I’ve had years of cramped up city life trapped like a duck in a pen and all I know is it’s a pity life, can’t be simple again
Got the blues I was born this way Singing and crying every day Woke this morning the sun turned gray Lord have mercy I wish you’d stay Take the bus from San Antone Get the blues to the bone Hop a freight train to Tennessee You’ll be wailing the blues like me Stow away low in the engine room Of the Mississippi Riverboat Queen If you don’t get the blues from churnin’ wheels Get ‘em from the gasoline So go tell your friends I don’t pay no mind to current trends Every minute, every hour, every day Got the blues I was born this way.
Will you get right church and let’s go home? I’m going home on the morning train (Lordy, Lordy) because the evening train might be too late. And I thought I heard the church bell toll. And the toll was like some soldier’s ghost and the black black hearse carry you home. Will you look right down the lonesome road? Will you get right church and let’s go home?
Remembering back when I was in Tennessee, olly olly oxen free Deep in the Smoky Mountains under the willow tree Look in your eyes like a deep blue sea like shadows in the fire Back in Tennessee Let me tell you, brother, honestly it’s like floating on a summer’s breeze Late at night, warm as could be we’re sippin’ on the moonshine whisky Bodies start shaking like a leaf on a tree, white lightning in the stars I was blind O Lord and I couldn’t see Say one and one is three Lord have mercy on my wicked soul Trynna get the Devil outta me Hitched a long ride, I was hungry and tired and went right to the ‘stillery Lo and behold, the story’s been told that Jack Daniel was a waitin’ for me He bet me game of Tennessee Hold ‘Em: A bottle for your soul Back in Tennessee There’s a little white chapel on every other corner as far as the eye can see Pray to the Lord for eternal reward and supplicate God Almighty Blood runs true red, white and blue, ain’t no backwood hoodoo Back in Tennessee Homestyle lovin’ and NASCAR glee I’d like to thank you, please Southern fried pickin’ and how to jerk a chicken in the nineteenth century Late night fiddles echo to the sea, when it’s time to die I’ll be back in Tennessee
Apple Tree 03:17
Let’s go baby down to the apple tree Escape the world and set it free Secret revealed in the canopy Lay in my arms, gaze on out to the sea We can climb it baby try to catch the sun Chase the light that we have spun Laze in the haze of the midday sun Dream under leaves baby you’re the one Let’s go down to the river climb that apple tree Perch at the top peek at destiny Sway in the wind float in the breeze Baby you’re the cure to my disease Let’s go down to the juke joint all night long Take a ride and sing our song I know you ain’t gonna do me no wrong Down at the juke joint all night long I’ll bury my baby ‘neath the apple tree Lay down my head and bow my knee Your Milky Way stars sparkle on me Now I’m biding my time gazing out at the sea Biding my time gazing out at the sea Biding my time gazing out . . .
When I was young I heard about treasure that lay in the ground far away from this place Rubies and gold buried ‘cross river Grab hold your oars, boy, let’s get to the chase Standing on the bow you can almost see it through the mist Rig your oars in the water, boys, I really must insist Traverse the chopping currents, there is no other way We should be reaching landfall soon and when I cannot say Be mindful of the weather, it might lash you to the mast Time is of the essence and it’s fading hard and fast Our fortune is there waiting, or so I have been told Day after day the tempest wails deep in the winter’s cold Keep on rowing, boys Keep on rowing, boys Keep on rowing, boys or we’ll never make it to the shore When I am quiet I can still hear it calling It whispers my name and beckons my mind Let’s get in the boat and cross o’er the river As long as you row, boy, my fortune I’ll find Hold the torch up high so you can see what’s up ahead Row faster, now, the boat it lists, it’s sinking from the lead Squint your eyes and hold your breath; you might see the other side Rig your oars in the water, boys, the river’s deep and wide
Vagrant 02:45
I stood down on a hill late last night Laid down on the ground and then I took to flight I shivered and I moaned The banty rooster crowed I heard a woman cry as I headed down the road I don’t need you anymore I’m gonna leave you Look now at the stars in the midnight sky A chill go down your back and the world will sigh The mongrels are howling just on down the street Your hair will stand on end and it will get you on your feet I don’t need you anymore I’m gonna leave you I’ve been chased by hungry hounds for ten years and a day Fell down on my knees just so i could pray I’m creeping ‘round your yard You’re creeping ‘round my head The vagrant is lurking and the black has turned to red I don’t need you anymore I’m gonna bleed you
Leroy's Rag 02:24


released May 25, 2021


all rights reserved



Mojo Holler Portland, Oregon

Mojo Holler = Missi Hasting and John Baker.

We live in Portland, Oregon.

mojoholler.com for booking and press.

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